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Title:Euro-Par 2006 in Dresden, Germany; Picture of Dresden: DWT/Dittrich
Conference Venue and Amentities

Lecture Center Facilities

All auditoriums and rooms in the university’s modern lecture center feature advanced multimedia equipment, making the center an ideal venue for the Euro-Par 2006 program.
The lecture center also provides technical staff to quickly address any problems with equipment or logistics.

Picture of the Lecture Center of the TU Dresden: DWT/Dittrich

Room capacity of the new lecture center:

Lecture auditorium 01 / AUDIMAX up to 1.000 participants

Lecture auditorium 02 up to 600 participants
special feature: speaker preparation rooms

Lecture auditorium 03 up to 600 participants

Lecture auditorium 04 up to 400 participants

Lecture auditorium 401 and 403 each with 90 participants

10 seminar rooms each with 60 participants

Multi-purpose room up to 104 participants

Conference Meals

The lecture center is a short 2-minute walk from the university restaurant where conference attendees will be served lunch. The food is tasty and will be efficiently served in a dining area set aside for conference attendees.

Conference Dinner

The ZIH Euro-Par 2006 organizers are already looking ahead to the conference dinner. Several locations are being considered to provide the most ideal combination of stunning location, culinary excellence and friendly atmosphere. We favor the Schloss Albrechtsberg because with the unique charm of a historical stately home, it provides the exclusive venue for our special event.

Picture of Schloss Albrechtsberg back view: DWT/SDG; front view: KKD/Hoehler; indoors: KKD/Ehler

Concert in Frauenkirche Dresden

The tickets are sponsored by Intel. Thank you very much!

We are glad to be able to invite you to a culture event of an exceptionally type - a concert in the wonderful recontructed Frauenkirche, the town's landmark.

Picture of the Frauenkirche: DWT/Dittrich