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Title:Euro-Par 2006 in Dresden, Germany; Picture of Dresden: DWT/Dittrich

Industrial Session

Wednesday, August 30, Room 403

09:00   Sun
Axel Köhler
Chip Multithreading and the Impact on Program Development
09:30   MEGWARE
Thomas Blum
Technologies for Commodity Cluster Computing at a Glance
10:00   transtec
Andreas Koch
The optimal HPC CPU and Interconnect
10:30   coffee break
11:00   Intel
Karl Solchenbach
Future Developments in HPC
11:30   SGI
Rüdiger Wolff
SGI Multi-Paradigm Computing with Reconfigurable FPGAs
12:00   IBM
Peter Pullmann
The Cell Processor
12:30   Lunch
14:00   Network Appliance
Manfred Buchmann
Storage Grid - the Future of Storage
14:30   DataDirect Networks
Toine Beckers
Storage Clusters for High Performance Computing
15:00   ALLINEA
Stefano Salvini
Software Development Tools for Parallel Computing
15:30   coffee break
16:00   AMD
Andreas Abt
AMD's strategy and technology in WW HPC
16:30   Linux Networx
Thomas Warschko
Best Practice in Cluster Management