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Title:Euro-Par 2006 in Dresden, Germany; Picture of Dresden: DWT/Dittrich
Parallel Computer Architecture and ILP

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Instruction-Level Parallelism and parallel processing techniques are present in most contemporary computing systems. The scope of this topic includes (but is not limited to) parallel computer architectures, processor architecture (architecture and microarchitecture), the impact of emerging microprocessor architectures on parallel computer architectures, innovative memory designs to hide and reduce the access latency, multi-threading, and the impact of emerging applications on parallel computer architecture design. Our aim is to bring together researchers in the fields of parallel computer architecture and processor architecture. We invite researchers with interest in both conventional and non-conventional approaches to participate. Papers are being sought on all aspects of parallel computer architecture, processor architecture and microarchitecture, including (but not limited to) the following list of topics.


  • parallel computer architecture
  • ILP architectures and designs
  • microarchitecture and implementation techniques
  • performance evaluation and benchmarking of processor architectures
  • multithreaded and multicore processors
  • memory system designs
  • multiprocessor and vector architectures
  • application-specific and embedded parallel systems
  • stream processing microarchitectures
  • network processors
  • reconfigurable and asynchronous processors
  • power-performance efficient designs

Global Chair

Local Chair

Prof. Dr. Eduard Ayguade
Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)
Technical University of Catalunya (UPC)
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Karl
Universität Karlsruhe
Institut für Technische Informatik
Karlsruhe, Germany

Vice Chair

Vice Chair

Prof. Dr. Koen De Bosschere
Ghent University
ELIS Department
Gent, Belgium
Prof. Dr. Jean-Francois Collard
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Palo Alto, CA, USA