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Title:Euro-Par 2006 in Dresden, Germany; Picture of Dresden: DWT/Dittrich
Support Tools and Environments

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With the complexity of current and future parallel and distributed architectures, application programmers need tools and environments to facilitate the design, programming, testing, debugging, performance analysis, and tuning. This topic aims to bring together tool designers, developers, and users, to share ideas, concepts, and products in this field. A wide variety of tools can be employed during implementation and in the production phase of a parallel program. Accepted papers will cover individual tools supporting implementation and production phases, practical experiences with tools and comparisons between different tools, as well as concepts and implementations for infrastructure for these types of tools. These tools and infrastructures should target issues such as large-scale clusters, grids, hybrid message passing and shared memory programming, and heterogeneity.


  • Programming Environments, interoperable tool environments
  • Debugging (off-line, on-line, threads, message passing, lightweight kernels)
  • Checkers (correctness, threads, message passing, memory leaks)
  • Performance Analysis (manual and automatic)
  • Visualization (program flow, data)
  • System-integrated load balancing
  • Instrumentation and monitoring techniques
  • Integration of tools, compilers and operating systems
  • Tool infrastructures
  • Tool evaluation
  • Tool scalability for hundreds and thousands of processing elements
  • Hybrid shared memory and message passing tools
  • Tools and environments for clusters and grids

Global Chair

Local Chair

Bronis R. de Supinski, Ph.D.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Center for Applied Scientific Computing
Livermore, CA, USA
Dr. Matthias Brehm
High Performance Computing Group
Muenchen, Germany

Vice Chair

Vice Chair

Prof. Tomas Margalef
Univ. AutÚnoma de Barcelona
Computer Architecture and Operating Systems Dpt.
Barcelona, Spain
Luiz de Rose, Ph.D.
Cray Inc.