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Title:Euro-Par 2006 in Dresden, Germany; Picture of Dresden: DWT/Dittrich
Accommodations in Dresden
The city of Dresden offers a wide range of hotels in all price categories, with many located near the Dresden University of Technology. As part of our commitment to Euro-Par 2006, the ZIH has reserved a block of 300 rooms at the ibis Hotel between 25th August and 3rd September, 2006. We have also reserved 55 double-occupancy rooms in one of the university's modern guest houses (Guest House Weberplatz). In addition to being located near the university, all guest house rooms include private shower/WC, Internet access, telephone and TV.

To ensure the Euro-Par 2006 attendees are able to find accommodations that best suit their needs, we have compiled an overview of many of the hotels and guest houses in Dresden. This overview also includes estimates of the time it takes to reach the university from the various accommodations. The following clickable map will show you detailed information about the accommodation chosen by you.

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Additional here some more accomodations. Both are new guesthouses, the first one is a new gaesthouse of our University and more simple. The second one is a fine little gaesthouse near well known bridge Blaues Wunder.

International Guesthouse of TU Dresden